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Fire Alarm Testing
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We provide a Nation wide service for fire, safety and security 

Conventional fire alarm systems 
From small shops & offices to medium sized buildings, conventional fire alarm systems are a cost effective way to ensure you have a means of detecting & warning of fire. Numerous detectors can be installed on zones, when a detector is triggered the fire alarm control panel will indicate which zone has been triggered, giving you or the fire brigade an indication of the area of activation.

We can connect conventional fire alarm systems with other fire alarm panels on your site or install communicators which are monitored by our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) ensuring a rapid response from the emergency services.

Specialised Fire Alarm Systems
These are very useful where a conventional system is not adequate but the full addressable system is not required. We install these in all types of premises but are ideal for areas which may have high false alarms in multiple occupancy buildings. 

Twinflex Fire Alarm systems
The Rafiki fire alarm system has particular advantages over a normal conventional system – e. g. the detectors can be changed from heat to smoke or sensitivity reduced on smoke detectors simply by flicking a switch. Sounders are incorporated within the detector enabling better sound prorogation, also further sounders are not required helping the aesthetics of the building (no sounders/bells on walls. 

Twinflex Plus Fire Alarm systems
This particular fire alarm system has communal & dwelling zones, if a detector is triggered on a communal zone a full evacuation will be signalled & all sounders in the premises will operate. If a detector is operated on a dwelling zone, a timer is triggered, the detector/s or zone which the triggered detector/s are on are operated, after a predetermined time (to be agreed with housing officer or fire officer) has elapsed the system will either clear & stop the sounders on that particular zone (that is if the detector is no longer in fire mode) or if the detector is still in fire it will then activate all sounders with in the building.

The above system will stop false alarms from different flats/bedsits evacuating the whole building & stop complacency from any other residents while still giving protection of the residents & property by giving an alarm if the tenant is not in or the alarm is not cleared in time. 

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems
This type of fire alarm system is state of the art & is highly intelligent. If a detector is triggered it give a text read out of exactly where this unit is e.g. “smoke detector 17 managers office”. The main advantage of this system is for large buildings where a detector on a conventional zone may take some time to find. Some examples of where addressable systems are used are:

Hotels & Hospitals, large factories & warehouses, schools & colleges, nursing homes, complex offices & multifunctional buildings. As well as giving an exact point of trigger various other options are available including:

Sounders on the same circuit, cause & effect programming, intelligent control of other equipment, phased evacuation

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems
When installation costs are taken into account, radio fire alarm systems are very cost effective and have distinct advantages over the traditional wired system. These advantages include :-

No disruption to the building fabric or its occupants- Wired fire alarm systems invariably cause significant disruption to buildings and occupants that leave the user with "hidden" costs.

Temporary Protection- The Health & Safety at Work Act often requires fire alarm systems even on temporary buildings and construction sites. Radio systems can satisfy this requirement and then be easily removed for use elsewhere when the temporary need expires.

Remote Buildings - Large savings can be made in avoiding costly excavation for inter-connecting cables.
Large Sites - Long cable runs can be very expensive and vulnerable to damage. Radio overcomes these problems.

Urgent needs - Radio alarm systems can be installed in a fraction of the time needed for wired systems and equipment is generally available at short notice

Remote Fire Alarm Monitoring
Having the right fire alarm system in place is your 1st priority, but great consideration should be given to the response of an alarm out of working hours. For a small fee we can connect your fire alarm system to the renowned BT RedCARE networking or digital communicators, this will ensure that the Fire Brigade or a 3rd party is contacted at all times helping prevent a catastrophe happening when your building is empty or confusion is caused during a fire (it is quite common for the fire brigade to not be contacted thinking some else must have phoned 999?) 

Fire Extinguishers
Fire extinguishers are a legal requirement in most premises, ensure your trust in our survey & installation/service engineers to identify the risk & specify the correct extinguisher to protect you against fire.

Cigarette Smoke Detectors 
Creating a smoke free workplace is now easier than ever with a brand new range of cigarette smoke detectors and cigarette smoke alarms. These alarms provide a voice message in alarm using innovative DVS (Digital Voice Synthesis) Technology. The unit comprises an integral Flame detector and voice sounder module, which provides a voice message when a lighter or match is detected. "This is a no smoking area, please extinguish your cigarette, a member of staff has been contacted" Battery operated using 4 x AA alkaline batteries, the CSA-FDV can be simply screwed to the ceiling and is capable of detecting a 25mm flame at a distance of 6 metres within 1 second

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